Individual wine tour

Thira has unique conditions for growing grapes, which is considered by experts as the most unique wine region in the world. It said that there is more wine than water in Santorini. It has become well known for its wines: dry white wine «Nihteri» from not fully ripe grapes and «Vinsanto» — sweet red wine, which is made from the dried grapes and has a very pleasant taste. You’ll have the opportunity to buy wines that you like at the price of the manufacturer.

Our way lies to the wine cellars of the Kutsuyannopulosmuseum. Wine is one of the main activities of the islanders. The first grapes were brought to the island by the noble Venetian family of Sanudo in 1335. The island starts to produce wine for sale. Kutsuyannopulos family is one of the oldest producers on the island. You will be given an electronic guide, which hold for each of your individual tour of the wine museum at the entrance to the museum (ticket costs 8 euros per person).

At the end you will be given the opportunity to taste wines made by Kutsuyannopulos family. The tour price includes wine tasting. We can try five glasses of different wines, including excellent vinsanto! It is the most famous wine on Santorini. After the spiritual and gastronomic pleasures, we will continue our journey to the island.